Roundup: The Jenner Moment

There are many illuminating moments throughout life. Some provide sharp contrast, still others show plenty of grey areas, but they both help us to see.

Ferguson, Rosa Parks, now McKinney, TX, the birth of your first child, 9/11, the Caitlyn/Bruce (or Bruce/Caitlyn) Jenner interview/cover; all of these are examples of illuminating moments.

I have written recently (and briefly) on how to approach the Jenner “moment” (as Christianshere and here, but I have also benefited from a small sample of the unending-commentary as well.… Continue Reading

Rachel Held Evans, Not Fighting, & Continuing the Discussion

Rachel Held Evans, notorious blogger extraordinaire, has written a very insightful and in many ways helpful entry entitled: “The Cost.” She highlights the painful relational cost of being ostracized from her conservative roots when she came out as an evolutionist, feminist, LGBT activist. She also, very helpfully (and perceptively) sympathizes with conservatives who are labelled as bigots and extremists in the media and the culture-at-large. Here are a few highlights with her conclusion (on which I will comment below):

They say I’ve taken the easy way out.Continue Reading


I posted an audio recording of an introductory talk I did recently on the Book of Chronicles. The rest of my series on the book will not be posted here, but will be at my church’s website:

Here are the first two weeks’ recordings:

A bit of scatter-brained reflection on the longest genealogy in the Bible, hopefully still informative: “What’s in a Name?” — 1 Chronicles 1-9 Starting to gain a bit of a rhythm: “The King for All People” — 1 Chronicles 10-16

I will likely be posting some extended thoughts or related ideas from my study of Chronicles, but the rest of the message audio can be followed at… Continue Reading