Roundup: The Jenner Moment

There are many illuminating moments throughout life. Some provide sharp contrast, still others show plenty of grey areas, but they both help us to see.

Ferguson, Rosa Parks, now McKinney, TX, the birth of your first child, 9/11, the Caitlyn/Bruce (or Bruce/Caitlyn) Jenner interview/cover; all of these are examples of illuminating moments.

I have written recently (and briefly) on how to approach the Jenner “moment” (as Christianshere and here, but I have also benefited from a small sample of the unending-commentary as well. This post is an annotated bibliography of the most helpful (Christian) commentary I’ve read thus far. These links will undoubtedly bring light to this moment, and I pray that the corresponding heat generated would be for the glory of God and the good of our neighbor.

A Brief Roundup:

  1. Settle Down Folks
  2. How To Preach About Bruce Jenner
    Peter Leithart penned a biblical, broad, medically/psychologically informed, and most-importantly, pastoral & empathetic reflection.
  3. I went to church with Bruce Jenner. Here’s what Caitlyn Jenner taught me about Jesus.
    It is always helpful to remember that there are real persons involved in these stories. This article reminds us of this, and gives us a window into the younger generation’s (I would say faulty, but not altogether misguided) presuppositions.
  4. Bruce Jenner Is a Man (This is a transcript of a podcast)
    If you can get past Sproul’s brash rhetoric (opening with logic rarely wins you a sympathetic audience) at the beginning (which I encourage you to do), you will find both a theologically and a philosophically helpful commentary (the rhetoric can be forgiven to a point when you consider that this is a transcript of a podcast).
  5. What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?
    More pastoral wisdom from Russell Moore. “We are all alienated.”