Reading the Gospels Wisely

For many of us, reading and applying the stories of the Bible are a very difficult task. Sure, we can pick up Philippians and understand it well enough. But if you drop into the New Testament in Matthew 1, most of us scramble for the red letters.

My friend and mentor, Jonathan Pennington, has written a very helpful book on how to read gospel stories well. The book covers a wide range of topics (a short synopsis of each chapter). He explores such topics as how to understand the “gospel” genre in order to help us comprehend the meaning of a story. He answers interesting questions that you may have never considered: “What is history and how do we determine that it is trustworthy history?” And many, many more weighty and profitable considerations.

This book doesn’t remove all the difficulty in reading, but it is the best starting point, indeed, the best collection of tools that you’ll need to even begin the task of mining for gospel gold. You will laugh, you will have to re-read paragraphs, and through it all you’ll have countless light bulbs flick on in your skull.

Here’s a short video introducing the book:

You can order Reading the Gospels Wisely on Amazon.