It HAS Gotten Better

Let’s get a few things out of the way first. I am an evangelical Christian. I am male. I am white. I am heterosexual. I am a registered Republican. I am conservative theologically and politically.

It HAS Gotten Better: From 1st to 21st

The advent of God in the flesh 2,000 years ago has forever changed the course of human history for the better. Rodney Stark’s many writings make this compelling case. Don’t just take my word for it, read them. The fact that the political debate in 21st century America is concerned with how do we best care for the poor, provide medical care, and educate our children is because of the legacy and teaching of Jesus Christ. (if you disagree with this statement, please keep reading…)

It Gets Better…

Surprise, surprise: I agree with Justice Robert’s dissenting opinion following the latest legislative-judicial bruhaha. But to deny that it is not better to be a LGBT person in 2015 America as opposed to 1955 would be ludicrous. When a society defaults to shaming, ostracizing, making fun of, and bullying any group of persons, movement towards treating that group as, you know, persons is a wonderful progression.

The lack of acknowledging this healthy progression in society by conservative Christians, the lack of owning up to implicit or explicit LGBT shaming, and the always-defensive tone and protection of “my rights” these days; it’s no wonder that outsiders either hate us, marginalize us, or don’t want to listen to our “good news.” Returning the favor is what humans are good at. (for the record: the pendulum swing of ostracizing is wicked)

Christian Crosshairs

Humans, and especially bloggers and politicians, are great at preaching to the choir igniting their base. Your message could be entirely factual/true but could be damning for your audience. You don’t gain an internet or political following without throwing chum into the ravenous waters of your own pond. This reality is a vicious cycle: Occupy Democrats and Right Wing News memes exacerbate this be-right-at-all-costs mentality.

To justify and to calcify is the aim and the result of this divisive human reality.

Followers of the Way must repent of this divisive tendency that is within all of fallen humanity. The New Testament, time and time again, points the crosshairs of skepticism at me, myself, and I, and secondly at my community, my team. If all you ever hear in response to your blogs, posts, sermons, or campaign ads is praise then you can be sure any prophetic gifting you have is reserved for people to whom you have zero influence on. Again, you may be 100% correct, but if your message only ever justifies and calcifies your audience, you’re not a prophet, you’re a parrot.