My name is Chris Borah. I’m a 33 year old lover of books, conversation, and the Lord Jesus Christ. My beautiful wife, Jodee, keeps me joyful and (mostly) in-line. Ten years of marriage and counting and I could not ask for a greater blessing and each day with her is better than the last. Our oldest son is handsome, brilliant (he reads better than me), and kind. Our middle man has the best ear-to-ear smiles, wants to read (no lie) 20 books a day, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that he’s everywhere, all the time. Toping the charts, our latest little bundle and precious daughter is a beauty and a great joy; we’re loving our (exhausting) family of five.


I have served in various ministry positions over the last 10 years: associate pastor, worship pastor, administration pastor, youth pastor, small group leader, website designer & administrator, and more. In July 2009, Jodee and I set off for Louisville, Kentucky to study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I completed my Master of Divinity in December 2012, served as an the associate pastor, and am presently a Senior Simeon Fellow at Christ Church in Winston-Salem, NC.


I have many pastoral and academic interests including parenting, the Gospels, Revelation, Christian ethics, pastoral counseling, and biblical theology. Here are a few links:


Upon completion of a B.S. in Computer Information Systems from Southern Nazarene University in December 2005, I began full time work at Third Degree Advertising in Oklahoma City. While at Third Degree I developed websites and various other internet marketing services for a wide range of clients. I also had the (un)fortunate experience of being thrown into a commercial we were shooting at the last minute. My acting career was short, but a lot of fun.

After a brief stint doing development for a small startup in Norman, Oklahoma, I went to work for the wonderful folks at Element Fusion. Working as a designer and developer, I was able to work with hundreds of clients: churches, law firms, non-profits, you name it. The best part about my experience at EF was that I was able to control the entire development process: from planning, to designing, to developing.

From EF I made my way to Louisville, Kentucky to go to seminary. Since 2009, I’ve continued to design and develop for many different clients: Annapolis Christian Academy, SBTS, and many more.