Reading the Gospels Wisely

For many of us, reading and applying the stories of the Bible are a very difficult task. Sure, we can pick up Philippians and understand it well enough. But if you drop into the New Testament in Matthew 1, most of us scramble for the red letters.

My friend and mentor, Jonathan Pennington, has written a very helpful book on how to read gospel stories well. The book covers a wide range of topics (a short synopsis of each chapter).… Continue Reading

N. T. Wright Talks at Google

Let’s face it, we all watch at least one sitcom daily, so you have at least 30 minutes to spare today. Consider watching this  brief and immensely helpful lecture from N. T. Wright when he was invited to speak at Google for their “Talks at Google” series. The first half is his lecture, the second half is a wonderful bit of question and answer. Enjoy!

You can read Wright’s full argument in his recent book, Simply Good News:

Wright also references this book (which I am pumped to read): Continue Reading

Story of My Life: A Shocking Twist

We’ve all done it.

You get that song stuck in your head for apparently no reason and your day is now ruined. This was how our day started today, but that’s not how it finished.

Ugh, Not That Song

Our morning was pretty typical today. Cereal, huevos rancheros, coffee, coffee, and a poopy diaper. Then Jodee (I’m pretty sure it was her) started singing Story of My Life by the (in)famous One Direction.

Like most über-catchy pop songs it was instantly burned into our neural pathways and we knew we were ruined.… Continue Reading


If you are follower of tech blogs (or used to follow them) a few years ago, you probably saw a video of some college researchers who had invented a spray on coating that would allow you to use your iPhone under water. That team partnered with Rustoleum and you can now buy that little science project at your neighborhood Home Depot. I did just that.

I bought the cans a few months back and haven’t thought of anything I’d risk spraying it on.… Continue Reading