Adventures in Icons

I have a bunch of stuff brewing re: the church history class I’m teaching on Wednesday nights, but for the time being, I thought I’d post a few app icons that I made/customized recently. You can download the icons below. Enjoy!

My inspiration was the new ESPN icon’s 45 degree shadow. (Also, I made a new Audible icon, thus the redundant icons)

Edit: Nearly all of these are unoriginal designs, but the lack of uniformity in icons on Android irks me, so I made these.Continue Reading


I am so thankful for this kid. I am glad a got a lot of pictures of his birthday, but I’m also very glad that I’ve toned it down a bit with Jonathan. No need to be holding my camera at all moments and miss actually being present.

This photo was perfect for some high contrast, black and white editing; half because the lighting was pretty dramatic and half because the picture is less graphic in B&W 🙂… Continue Reading