Toddlers, Grocery Store Fiascos, & Bedtime

Grocery shopping at the super store is a pretty brutal experience. Throw in a few under-5 children and the blanks in your mad lib shopping adventure multiply. We’ve all been there, either as an innocent (or quietly judgmental) bystander, or as the butt of the “your parenting skills suck” glare. And this is only the public parental shaming.

Many times a day we shame, compare, and lament to ourselves all of the many shortcomings we experience as parents moment by moment.… Continue Reading

Reading Stories, Truth, & Harry Potter

Good day to you wonderful people! I am in the midst of writing the first of a series of posts on parenting (reflecting on some of my favorite books on the subject). But rather than rush through the composition of my first parenting post, I thought I’d take a brief moment to commend to you the reading of fiction.

(Good) Story, Movies, Etc.

Story (or the telling of stories) is central to how we understand the world. Many of us who are fluent in evangelical Christianese are far more familiar with the didactic letters of the Bible and not so much the narratives (i.e.… Continue Reading

The Proverbial “First Post”

It has been a long time coming for a new website redesign. With this 2014 iteration, I have decided to merge my professional (design), ministry (book reflections, theological thoughts, parenting), and personal (mostly photography, movies) musings into one blog. Thus, this site will “have it all.”

One brief note: I want this website to be readable, thus, I’ve given you a Dark or Light theme choice in the upper right-hand corner. This button has a “cookie” that will last for 7 days (it defaults to Light).… Continue Reading