Childlike vs. Childish

child·like adjective (of an adult) having good qualities associated with a child.


child·ish adjective of, like, or appropriate to a child.

No need to wax poetic about this distinction. One of the many goals of parenting, perhaps maybe the most broad and fundamental of all goals, is to help your child distinguish between childlike behavior and childish behavior. One of the most difficult things to discern as a parent is when a child is being a kid and when they’re being wicked.… Continue Reading

Dinah, Downton Abbey, and the Justice of God

Let me setup a story for you. The main character is a momma’s boy, he’s fearful and bends to the will of every man he encounters, and the women in his life get everything they desire for good and for ill.

Similarities aside, I’m not speaking about Lord Grantham. This guy works hard for a shady step-father, escapes in the night, sleeps with no less than 4 women (whenever and for whatever purpose they want), eventually fathering 12 sons (and 1 daughter is mentioned; more on her later), he fears family reunions, and capitulates to his wicked neighbors amidst the most horrible of situations.… Continue Reading

Stories and Resolution, Pt. 2

If you’ve ever been to a reunion, high school, family, or the like, you’ve experienced the joy of shared experience. Whether it was a childhood memory with cousin Ed, a freshman year fiasco with your biology teacher, or the state championship trophy you hoisted in ’94, it is in our shared experience that we find life.

Our shared experience brings life in another way. In the sharing of our life stories with others, we invite them into our stories and therein find life.… Continue Reading


I posted an audio recording of an introductory talk I did recently on the Book of Chronicles. The rest of my series on the book will not be posted here, but will be at my church’s website:

Here are the first two weeks’ recordings:

A bit of scatter-brained reflection on the longest genealogy in the Bible, hopefully still informative: “What’s in a Name?” — 1 Chronicles 1-9 Starting to gain a bit of a rhythm: “The King for All People” — 1 Chronicles 10-16

I will likely be posting some extended thoughts or related ideas from my study of Chronicles, but the rest of the message audio can be followed at… Continue Reading

Stories and Resolution

If you’ve ever ventured into (or cut through) the book aisle at a local supermarket you’ve likely noticed the glut of shirtless, ‘roided out men holding scantily clad women on the top of a mountain. There is a reason these stories, commonly called romance novels, sell very well: escape.

They promise to transport their readers from the monotony of an unaffected husband or the repetitive schedule of motherhood. The stories help people to escape from their real story, but just like conquering an enemy in a video game, you don’t really escape, you don’t really conquer anything.… Continue Reading


If you are follower of tech blogs (or used to follow them) a few years ago, you probably saw a video of some college researchers who had invented a spray on coating that would allow you to use your iPhone under water. That team partnered with Rustoleum and you can now buy that little science project at your neighborhood Home Depot. I did just that.

I bought the cans a few months back and haven’t thought of anything I’d risk spraying it on.… Continue Reading

Divergent = Derivative

The claim of the title of this post is the most blatantly obvious observation you can make when it comes to YA fiction these days. Walk the shelves at Half-Price books and you’ll see a million vampire fiction series, a half million dystopian books, and a few original ideas. This doesn’t mean that some of the authors of these series are bad writers. It simply means they’re caught up in the wave of publishers trying to make a quick buck on knock-off franchises.… Continue Reading

The Death of Biography

I’ve recently begun an excellent biography of one of my favorite writers (if not my favorite): C. S. Lewis. Specifically, the bio is Alister McGrath’s “C. S. Lewis: A Life.”

Now, I’m barely a 10th of the way through the book, but I was struck by the detail and the accuracy of the narrative. Most of these details, like with many great biographies, are gleaned from Lewis’ personal letters (correspondences with family and friends) and diary. And this simple fact got me thinking about the future of biographies.… Continue Reading

Introduction To Chronicles

Last night, I began a series on the last book of the Old Testament, Chronicles. Below is a list of (some of my) sources for further reading as we proceed through the book. Enjoy!

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Further Reading


Hahn, Scott W. The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire: A Theological Commentary on 1-2 Chronicles. Sailhamer, John. First and Second Chronicles. Selman, Martin J. 1 Chronicles: An Introduction and Commentary & 2 Chronicles.Continue Reading

Toddlers, Grocery Store Fiascos, & Bedtime

Grocery shopping at the super store is a pretty brutal experience. Throw in a few under-5 children and the blanks in your mad lib shopping adventure multiply. We’ve all been there, either as an innocent (or quietly judgmental) bystander, or as the butt of the “your parenting skills suck” glare. And this is only the public parental shaming.

Many times a day we shame, compare, and lament to ourselves all of the many shortcomings we experience as parents moment by moment.… Continue Reading