We Will Feast In The House Of Zion

I have been moved by so many conversations, readings, prayers, gatherings lately that I had to stop, pick up a guitar, and sing.

Not rehearsal, not discovery, not even devotional personal-quiet-time-ish-ness. Just stop. And sing.

Enter Sandra McCracken’s latest album, track 2.

My beautiful wife joined in, my 1 year old did as well, and my 4 year old danced.

The gospel in verse 3 hit me like a ton of bricks… I couldn’t even form the words, and my love sang the song for me.… Continue Reading

The Virtues of Singing (& Listening to) Music in Church

In the last few years, the internets have been chalk full with blogs about the (good) reasons why people are not singing in the (American) church.

Here’s Nine Reasons People Aren’t Singing in Church.

Also: Why They Don’t Sing, Christians Stopped Singing, and more Not Singing. These blogs are a dime a dozen (maybe a dollar a dozen—they have value!).

There are even more biblically-inclined, theologically-inclined, and historically-inclined arguments for more congregational singing.… Continue Reading

Story of My Life: A Shocking Twist

We’ve all done it.

You get that song stuck in your head for apparently no reason and your day is now ruined. This was how our day started today, but that’s not how it finished.

Ugh, Not That Song

Our morning was pretty typical today. Cereal, huevos rancheros, coffee, coffee, and a poopy diaper. Then Jodee (I’m pretty sure it was her) started singing Story of My Life by the (in)famous One Direction.

Like most über-catchy pop songs it was instantly burned into our neural pathways and we knew we were ruined.… Continue Reading