If you are follower of tech blogs (or used to follow them) a few years ago, you probably saw a video of some college researchers who had invented a spray on coating that would allow you to use your iPhone under water. That team partnered with Rustoleum and you can now buy that little science project at your neighborhood Home Depot. I did just that.

I bought the cans a few months back and haven’t thought of anything I’d risk spraying it on.… Continue Reading

The Death of Biography

I’ve recently begun an excellent biography of one of my favorite writers (if not my favorite): C. S. Lewis. Specifically, the bio is Alister McGrath’s “C. S. Lewis: A Life.”

Now, I’m barely a 10th of the way through the book, but I was struck by the detail and the accuracy of the narrative. Most of these details, like with many great biographies, are gleaned from Lewis’ personal letters (correspondences with family and friends) and diary. And this simple fact got me thinking about the future of biographies.… Continue Reading

The Proverbial “First Post”

It has been a long time coming for a new website redesign. With this 2014 iteration, I have decided to merge my professional (design), ministry (book reflections, theological thoughts, parenting), and personal (mostly photography, movies) musings into one blog. Thus, this site will “have it all.”

One brief note: I want this website to be readable, thus, I’ve given you a Dark or Light theme choice in the upper right-hand corner. This button has a “cookie” that will last for 7 days (it defaults to Light).… Continue Reading